January 21st, 2015

It's a SNOW DAY! What a great day to stay in, crank up the fire, wear pajamas all day and get computer work done. The last two weeks we've been in the car the majority of days location scouting, meeting with clients, running castings and going to shoots. We've been to Colorado Springs, Lyons, Brighton, Boulder, downtown Denver, Castle Rock and Broomfield all in the past week. Today was a nice change but tomorrow will be another day on the go, which is what makes this job so fun.


Quick question, does anyone know a place where I could take some additional production management courses? The beginning of every year always brings with it a desire to grow and learn and although I feel we have a good handle on the various aspects of production management, I know there's always more to learn when it comes to being productive and efficient. I searched online and didn't find much that wasn't just a class or two in a film degree. Hit me up if you know of something in or around the Denver area (or online, of course).


January is more than half done and this year has already started out with a bang. Generally January is pretty slow so I was giving myself permission to ski, clean out my closets, go to yoga in the middle of the day and read a few books but so far, no chance to do a whole lot other than work. Here's a recap.


On MLK Day, I had an awesome shoot with Mark Woolcott Photography. How amazing are some of these shots? He's so talented! And thanks to all of our young models, they were professional and fun to work with. You'll be seeing more of these guys and check out more from the shoot in the portfolio section.



Sunday over the long weekend, we had a casting for B. Media LA. Awesome and talented photographer, videographer and hair stylist. We were looking for a Spanish speaking woman for a commercial and we had some wonderful talent to choose from!


We spent much of last week location scouting for a yoga company looking to shoot three days for their upcoming catalog. We found around 10 different locations and 5 were pretty good options. They made their decision today and chose two of the spots to shoot in the last week in January. These are both new locations we haven't used before so I'm excited to see how the catalog turns out.


More exciting news! We got a new client a week ago looking for someone to be "the voice" of their new ad campaign. We found a wonderful woman with a fantastic voice that the client was thrilled with. She recorded the greeting and all the prompts for their new phone system and will soon be the voice of their radio ads as well. She's so excited for this opportunity and we're thrilled to have found her! It sounds as though this is just the start of a fun rebranding for the client and a great new relationship for all of us.


We've been doing editing for a variety of clients but we have one really fun one that we started working with in November. So far we've done three videos with them with a couple more on the horizon. Great people to work with and interesting content so we're exited to have future work with them.


Looking forward to a fabulous 2015 with lots of friends, fun, work and passion!


The Run West Team